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Wych Way Studios

November 2019



App Tabletop Dice Roller Custom Dice

Roll the dice you need, from standard dice to custom ones you can make with a bespoke library of symbols or import your own. From Yahtzee and Backgammon to D&D and Star Wars X-Wing, a dice roller that supports almost any game in your collection...or your imagination!

Make a die by choosing its colours and any number of sides, with the option to customise each face with its own symbols. A wide range of symbols and colours gives you the tools to create the dice you need, from a simple d6 to a d20 with unique symbols on each face.

Rolled results are calculated for you, and you can easily re-roll and lock dice with a tap. Change a die to a face of your choice, or roll another (for exploding dice). a tap.

Store each game’s dice in its own colourful bag. You can also export these bags to share with friends.

Optimised to be kind to your battery for those long gaming sessions, and audited to ensure true-to-life randomness.

Are you a game designer? No more stickers, simply make some dice and prototype away! Dice even have stats to help with balancing.

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Roll My Dice came about from an experience playing a board game that just didn't have enough dice in the box for the rolls you needed to make. It was tricky to remember results you wanted to keep on dice you then had to re-roll. There weren't any apps that let you quickly roll dice with symbols, so we decided to make one.


  • 100 symbols included, or import your own.
  • Roll and lock dice with a tap.
  • Results calculated automatically.
  • Make custom dice, quickly and easily.
  • Group your dice into bags.
  • Over 600 colour combinations.
  • Kind to your battery.
  • Audited randomness.
  • No ads.

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