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Midlands, UK

About Us

Wych Way Studios is an independent game studio created by Max Bowser and James Whitehouse. They believe in designing innovative, accessible games that are full of character. The studio always has multiple projects on the go, ensuring ideas get a fair chance to shine without being hampered by a release they aren't ready for.

The Founders

Max Bowser, Game Design Lead and Programmer, has been passionate about making games since creating a text-adventure in 2012 and has worked on a number of titles including Tower Hero and Ya Herd. He has a background in software development for the financial markets.

James Whitehouse, Creative Lead, brings his unique sense of style and design to the studio. With a background in web development and graphic design, he is particularly talented at shaping projects to more than the sum of their parts.

Our Games

Gravity Fighters Feb 18
Arcade 1-4 Players Physics fun Destructible planets Infinite levels

Harness the power of gravity! Fire projectiles around destructible solar systems and be the last one standing. Two different modes, 1-4 players and endless customisable solar systems to fight in. Available now on PC and Android. Click for more..

Ya Herd? May 17
Casual Single Player Woolly fun Endless juggler

A charming top-down arcade game, featuring hand-crafted graphics and unique gameplay. Try to lead your sheep as far as you can without leaving any behind. Tap the screen and your sheep will run the other way. Sounds easy? Think again as you juggle the task of keeping your flock together while steering them clear of hazards along the way. Available now on Google Play. Click for more..

Coming Soon
Musical Experimental

A unique music game that challenges players to explore their creativity and unleash their inner symphony.
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Coming Soon
Puzzle Tiles

A puzzle game with a novel and unique concept.
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