Ya Herd?

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Wych Way Studios

May 2017

Google Play


Game Casual Single Player Woolly fun Endless juggler

Have you heard about Ya Herd? A charming top-down mobile game, featuring hand-crafted graphics and unique gameplay made by Wych Way Studios. As a frantic sheep herder, try to lead your flock as far as you can without leaving any behind and become the true Super Sheep Herder. Tap the screen and your sheep will run the other way. Sounds easy? Think again as you juggle the task of keeping your flock together while steering them clear of hazards along the way. Available now as a free download on Google Play.



Ya Herd? is the revival and complete re-work of one of Max's first projects, Herd-a-Llama. The design goal was to create a game that was very simple to interact with but used gameplay that hadn't been explored fully before. The sheep were created in real life with wool and pipe-cleaner legs, then photographed and scanned into the game.


  • Real wool! Each sheep was hand-crafted in wool and carefully scanned into the game. The grasslands are made of felt.
  • Endless levels and tons of ranks and colours to earn.
  • '1-tap' gameplay.
  • Free to download, free to play.
  • Shear fun, sheep thrills and baaaa-d puns.

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Ya Herd? Gameplay
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Ya Herd? Screenshot 4